Introduction: Samurai Darth Vader Costume.

This Is a Samurai version of Darth Vader I wanted to do after seeing a fan art version of the idea. There's not alot of stuff you have to buy, but they help out if you can get them. My main reason for putting this on here is for the costume contest, I made it in about 3 days so I could have it for a costume party coming up. But I did take a lot of pictures in case anybody wants to know how I did it.

Material List:

White or Black Cardstock (not paper)
Popsicle Sticks
Black Fabric, I would say I used 3 yards and had a little left over.
Black Paint, I used latex so I can peel it off the Vader helmet if I want.
Possibly some Clear coat to hold the paint on.
Stapler, or thread if you want it to last long term.
Exacto Blade

Recommended Materials: 
Black or Dark Blue Karate Uniform (around $30 for a cheap one, the one I used was around $150 and is an official Kendo uniform)
Darth Vader Helmet (I used the one that has the voice changer, you really only need the back section)
A sword or lightsaber
Karate Belt, black
Black Shirt
Black Shoes

Something to watch in the background because there is a lot of drying time.

I think that's it, if there is anything else it would be in the pictures.
If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Step 1: Helmet

Basically what I did here was I took the back section off of the Darth Vader mask and worked with it, I cut strips of cardstock and taped them on starting from the bottom to get a layered look, added some pieces in the back and made 2 strips go over the top of the helmet. Then I cut a crescent moon shape and glued it to the front and painted the whole thing black. I made that little Imperial Insignia and painted it blue to cover up a little section of tape that was visible. glued a little fabric to the inside so my head would not slide around in the helm.

Step 2: Mask

First take some cardstock and cut a design that you want out of it, I did 2 before I chose one. Then I cut out slits in it to give it that Vader look, and painted it black and clear coated it so It would retain some shape. I added some Popsicle sticks on the backside for support also. Attach some fabric to the sides and leave it long enough to wrap around your head and tie it in the back. I stapled some fabric on tie inside of the mask so people wouldn't see my lips and nose underneath but you don't have to, or you can wear a ski mask underneath it.

Step 3: Black Fabric Thingy

I wanted that poofy arm look of the people of that era, so I cut some fabric and using chalk I was able to make straight lines.

Step 4: Shoulder Armor

Take a piece of cardstock however wide you want the armor to be and glue pop sickle sticks to it side by side and repeat 2 more times. Tape them together layered so they have some freedom, Paint Black, and add some fabric to tie it to your arm. 

I only made one of these because:
1. I was lazy
2. Alot of samurai only needed one for their right shoulder because that is their attacking side.

Step 5: Arm Braces

I took some Cardstock and traced my wrist onto it and cut out the pattern. Glue some popsickle sticks onto the bottom and add some fabric to the underside, and add fabric on top long enough to tie it to your wrist or add velcrow.

Step 6: Make or Buy Karate Uniform.

I have no idea how to make my own karate uniform, but I already had one. If your searching the name of a shaolin one is called a gi.

Step 7: Added Touches

I made a very simple Headband
I made a thing to wrap around and hide my neck
I found an old black karate belt
I got a wooden katana for my upcoming party but I also have a good stainless steel one that I might use.
and I am still deciding on what shoes to wear

Step 8: Go Show It Off!

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