Introduction: Slender Man Costume on Stilts

This is a simple Slender Man costume that I have been making, I made one last year but it was a puppet, this time I wanted to be the actual Slenderman. 

This Instructable is for the stilts and mask, I'm pretty sure you can get a jacket, tie,  and pants.

Ok I might add be careful and do a lot of practice in the stilts before trying them out in a park or somewhere. But when you get the hang of it I can WALK as fast as someone can JOG because the length of my leg is amplified. But not downhill Be careful down hill and down stairs.

Step 1: Stilts

All you need to know is in the pics but uh, You take 2 2x4's however tall you want them (these make me about 1 1/2 foot taller) and add horizontal supports, screw a shoe on top, and add a support bar to tie to your leg so you don't break your ankle.

Step 2:

All you need to know is in the pics. But uh, White mask, Add Glue, Stretch pantyhose over it, Cut excess or staple down.

Step 3: Arms

Take a stick and tie it to you hand then add a tube of fabric, Stick the stick down in the tube and staple it in, now as you can see in the pictures when you let go of the arm "you are free to use your hands" something I havn't seen in most slendy costumes.

Step 4: Go Out and Hide in the Woods and Scare People

Step 5: Or Go to a Geek Convention

This is where you really see how tall it is. Though like I said before It's a little hard to see and walk down stairs. . .I almost fell off stage during the costume contest.

Step 6: Go Shopping

We went and handed out bags of candy on halloween and they put a "halloween decoration 75% off" sign on my chest and told me to wait by the door, so I got a few jumpscares out of people !

I have made some minor changes to the costume but I lost my sd chip so I can't find the pics, basically I made the mask less skeletony, I added hands on the end of the arms, and I made 5 foot long pants to cover the stilts

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