Introduction: Samurai Helmet

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This is a fun little project. It should take roughly 5 minutes. It will be something cool to show your friends.

Step 1: Getting Started!

Materials needed are 8 x 11 copy paper and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: First Fold

Take the right corner and fold it down towards the bottom left corner. It should create a triangle with about 2 and a half inch of paper left.

Step 3: Cut

With the scissors cut the excess paper. Make sure the paper resembles a triangle.

Step 4: Dual Folds

Take the right tip and fold it so it sits flush with the middle tip of the triangle. Repeat with the left tip.

Step 5:

Take the tips of the two flaps that were created in step 4 and fold them so they sit flush with the top of the triangle. See the picture above.

Step 6: Horns

To create the horns, take the flaps that were made in step 5 and fold them outwardly. As shown in the picture. Make sure they are the same size, for the sake of symmetry.

Step 7: Taking Shape

Take the bottom tip and fold it until it is halfway on the top triangle.

Step 8: Almost Done

There should be an excess of paper ( about half an inch) after the previous step. Fold that bit of paper up to create the bottom border.

Step 9: Finishing Touch

Flip the helmet over and fold the bottom triangle up so the bottom peak sits flush with top peak.

Step 10: Done!

To help the helmet stand, open up the underside so it creates a sturdy base.

You should have a nice origami samurai helmet!