Introduction: Sand Rocket Stove

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What is a rocket stove?  Does it take off?  Hehe, no, but that would be cool! :)  A rocket stove is a very efficient wood stove that almost sounds like a rocket once it is at "full throttle" (burning at its hotest, most efficient state).  I have seen different variations with metal tubes, but unfortunately I had none.  But, I have lots of sand available!  So, the Sand Rocket Stove was made!  :]  Enjoy!!

Fire is hot and can be dangerous if it is not handled correctly.  Please be careful and avoid burns!

Step 1: Needed Stuff and Things

Stove Materials

Ok, so here are the few things needed to make your efficient noise producing stove!

- Sand (You will need a decent amount)
- Tube (The one I use had an outer diameter of 3-4 inches)

- Small shovel (makes things move faster along, and is easier on the hands)

Fire Materials

If you want to make a fire (which I'm sure you do!), these are the things needed:

- Wood (I had mine chopped up to about kindling size, about 1/2 inch or so)
- Paper 
- Match or Lighter

- Ax or Hatchet (if you need to cut your wood)

Step 2: Dig Feeding Chamber

Feeding chamber?  Is that the lunch hall?  Nope, this is the chamber where the wood will go to feed the fire.  All that is needed is a short tunnel (about a foot long) under the sand.  This is simple in theory, but may be hard to do.  This is the part that goes a lot smoother if you have a shovel to use.  If your tunnel collapses, don't give up! Finish crashing your first attempt (or second, third, ...) and start again.  On the side that you want the chimney, dig a little bit below the tunnel.  This will allow some of the loose dirt that will fall from the chimney to be out of the way.  Once you finish your tunnel, (good job, by the way) it is time for the next step!

Step 3: Insert Tube

Easy step!  Just take your tube you have and place it in the chimney end of your tunnel.  Make sure it stands straight up!  This will keep the sand from collapsing in and ruining your chimney.   If a little sand falls in, don't worry, that will be taken care of later.  Great, on to the next step!  :-)

Step 4: Pile Up Sand

YAY!  Time to get sandy!  Pile up sand around the tube until you get a nice volcano shape about 1 1/2 feet too 2 feet high (don't worry about sand getting in the tunnel).  You can pat on the pile of sand to help it pack together.  Very nice, carry on!

Step 5: Wait

Painful sounding, isn't it?  :P  This is the hardest step in this project.  Now that you have your volcano shaped pile of sand, you need to wait for it to set.  Letting it set allows the sand to stay in it's shape when you take the tube out of it.  This waiting period takes about 3 hours or so.  I have let it sit over night before.  When you think your sand pile is ready, proceed to the next step!  (If you are daring and take the tube out sooner and it works, let me know and I will update this information)

Step 6: Remove Tube

Carful!  This is an important step.  All that is needed is to remove the tube.  Pull slowly and gently.  You may need to give the tube a slight twist or a gentle jiggle to coax it out.  Once out, set the tube aside, your done with it.  Ok, on to the next step.

Step 7: Clean Out Feeding Chamber

Cleaning time!  You can use a shovel or just use your hand, but the main point is to just remove as much loose dirt from the chamber as possible.  Reach in from the front of the tunnel and pull sand out.  Once you are happy with your result, it is time to try it out!  :D

Step 8: Start a Fire

Ok, start with your paper and crumple it up.  Drop some down the chimney and load up the feeding chamber.  Next, take some wood shavings (tinder) or grass or something of the like, and place it on top of the paper.  This will make it easy for the fire to spread and grow.  Next take your small kindling sized wood pieces and put those on top of every thing else.  If everything looks good, grab your matches and start it up!  :)  This may be a bit tricky to do if there is not enough paper or tinder.  Once the kindling is burning nicely, slowly add wood on top.  Make sure to not "starve" your fire by not giving it enough wood, because this fire place goes through wood very fast.  Also, when you add a new piece of wood, it will most likly cause the fire to smoke for a couple moments.  Congratulations!  Grab some marshmallows and admire your great work!  Please be safe, and have a great time!  :D
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