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Hell, everyone.

Soon the beach season is going to be started, and, as many of you know it's always good to have beach umbrella that is security installed next to you where you can hide from the direct sunlight. My family is using a quite large umbrella that is about 3 m in diameter. To securely install such a large umbrella and avoid the situation when the wind can blow it away and wound someone, was challenging with each beach visit. I decided to make life easier, there were a few options available:

* Use the conventional method to install the beach umbrella by pushing it into the sand using the weight and force of your body. It's good exercise but works only for small umbrellas, others will be easily pulled out from the sand by the wind.

* Purchase some universal sand screw that is screwed into the sand and umbrella inserted into it and named with a plastic screw. That is also a good option, but such screws are usually short and there is no sure that will large umbrellas are enough secured.

* Purchase an umbrella that already has a screw in the tip and with handles. That is a perfect decision if you do not have a beach umbrella and not looking at the price :) Not an option if you already have one.

* Design and 3D print the own screw for the umbrella that will fit requirements

I have decided to stop on the last option more than a year ago and now, I'd like to share the idea with you.


* 2 M4x30 screws

* 1 M3x40 screw

* 2 M4 locking nuts

* 1 M3 locking nut

* Drill with the 3mm drill bit

* small piece of the P100 or P120 sandpaper

* super glue

* 3D printer with rigid, e.g. PETG plastic

Step 1: Models to Print

Depending on the ground density that you have on the beach, you can choose the version of the screw. Sand screw V1 is for the hard ground and V2 is for the most common sand beaches.

Please note, all models are designed for the tube with 30mm in diameter.

Step 2: Assembly

Please take the sand screw and push it on the tip of the umbrella's tube. After this, you have to drill the hole through the tube and fix it using the M3x40 screw and locking nut. That is done.

After this, take a tiny stripe of the sandpaper, approx 1 cm width is enough, and stick almost full circle around the tube. Tighten the handle halves with each other using the M4x30 screws and locking nuts. The sandpaper will help to increase the grip between the handles and tube, to avoid it slipping around.

That's it.

Now you can easily install the umbrella and do not worry that suddenly it flies away if the wind will blow.

Thank you for reading and happy melting on the sun safely. :)

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