Introduction: Sander Attachment for Drill

Tools Needed

- Drill

- Jigsaw

- Files

- Sandpaper

- Drill Bit

- Compass

- Wood Glue

- Clamps

- Stapler

Materials Needed

- 1/4" bolt (3 1/2" long) with corresponding nut and washer

- Scrap Wood (I used 3/4" thick scrap)

- Sandpaper

Step 1: Cutting and Assembling Pieces

Mark out 4 circles on the scrap wood with a compass. Make sure to mark the centers of the circles. I used circles of about 2" in diameter.

Cut out the circles with a jigsaw. Be sure not to cut inside the circle.

Drill out the center with the appropriate sized drill bit for the size of bolt. Be sure the holes are as straight as you can make them. Use a drill press if available or take your time with a drill.

Slide the 4 pieces over the bolt. Make sure there is sufficient rooom on the threads for the drill chuck to grip. If not you can notch out the wood on the bottom piece with a small chisel so the head of the bolt is flush with the wood. I did this with the top and bottom (where the washer is).

Once there is enough room for the drill chuck to grip go ahead and glue the pieces together on the bolt. Put a generous amount of glue between the pieces of wood and clamp them tightly together. Tighten the nut as well. When the glue oozed out I covered the excess glue with sawdust to limit the mess. It is fine if the circles don't line up perfectly, the next step may just take longer.

Step 2: Filing and Sanding

Once the glue has dried, insert the piece into the drill. Use a rough file to even out the circles. Use the drill like a lathe and orient the file so it is diagonal and across multiple pieces of wood. Run the drill with the file until it is a consistent diameter. Use a finer file in the same manner. Use sandpaper in a similar manner to continue smoothing the wood.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Measure and cut a piece of sandpaper so it fits around the wood drum. Be sure to allow a little overlap. Staple one side of the sandpaper to the drum. Be sure to roll the sandpaper around the drum to check that it is lined up around the drum. Staple half way around and again at the end of the sandpaper. Insert into the drill and be sure to turn the drill the opposite direction the sandpaper is wound.

Once I finished this, I used this tool to sand the inside of the large hole of the corn hole game I am making.