Introduction: Sashay Ruffle Scarf

This is a simple scarf that is fun to make.

You will need a full skein of Sashay Yarn and your choice of knitting needles.

Step 1: Prepping the Yarn (optional)

I have found that if you wrap your yarn around something before starting your project it goes a lot easier. I have use an old ribbon roll, but you can use a paper towel or something similar. This is simply a personal preference and doesn't affect the project at all.

This is my first EVER instructable. I hope that this a clear tutorial and that my directions make this a fun and easy project.

Step 2: Just an FYI

I know there a lot of different ways to cast on the stitches for this yarn, but I prefer to start with a few stitches and then add additional stitches with additional rows. I just think it looks better and you can avoid that weird flare at the bottom of the scarf. Again, this a personal preference and the way I prefer to do them.

Step 3: Getting Started....

Looking at the yarn you can see a top and a bottom. We will be working with the top edge throughout this project. Each section is separated by 2 thin threads. We will be working in the spaces between these thin separators.

The best part about this yarn is that it so easy to work with. You really can't mess up these scarves. They are so ruffly and full that even if you make mistakes in your knitting they will not be noticeable at all. I have really enjoyed teaching my girls how to make these and I hope this tutorial helps you learn something new.

Step 4: Casting On......

We will begin by casting on 3 stitches. To form the stitches you will take the needle through the 2 spaces as shown in the first picture... then take the back loop over the front loop and off the needle leaving the front loop on the needle. This will form the foundation for our stitches.

Step 5: Start Knitting.

To begin you will take your empty needle and put it through the first stitch on the opposite needle, you will then use the second loop from your needle and loop it on the right needle. Then take the under the stitch and slide it off the left side needle so you now have a stitch on the right needle. IF YOU HAVE NEVER KNITTED.... you can find links on YouTube that will show you beginner knitting tutorials.


Step 6: Adding a Stitch

After you have completed 3 rows you will need to add your first stitch increase. To do this you will knit your first stitch like normal and then on the right hand needle you will pick up a loop, after you have placed the loop on the right hand needle you will continue with the next 2 stitches on the left side so that when you are finished with the row you will have 4 stitches.


You will then repeat this step to add a 5th stitch and after 3 rows with 5 stitches you will add your final increase to bring your total stitch count to six.

Once you have 6 stitches you will continue to knit until the scarf has reached the last 10 inches of yarn.

* This can get a bit a tedious but remember the goal is to make a super cute and fun scarf. STICK WITH IT! You will get faster at this and soon you will be cranking these out by the hour.

Step 7: Casting Off...

Now that you have reached the final leg of your scarf you will need to cast off. To do this you will do the first two stitches as normal. Once you have 2 stitches on the right needle you will take the back loop over the front loop and drop it off the needle leaving you with one stitch on the right needle. You will then knit another stitch like normal and then will repeat the process of taking the back loop on the right needle and pulling it off the needle leaving one stitch on the right needle. You will continue this process until you are left with one stitch on the right needle. You will then pull the remaining yarn through the loop you are left with. At this stage you can tie a knot in the end of the yarn to secure your end.