Introduction: Sassy Bar Stools

About: I love breathing new life into discarded or unwanted furniture.

I was recently inspired by zebra/tiger stripes and wanted to find a project I could Sass up.

Step 1: Good Find

I found these two timber top Bar Stools on Gumtree for $20.

Step 2: Detach and Sand

I removed the Timber tops from their bases to be able to work on them eaiser. I sanded the tops with 240 then 400 grit sand paper for a smooth surface.

Step 3: Paint

I painted the border with Annie sloane's graphite chalk paint and the top with Porters paints "Priscilla" chalk paint.

Step 4: Cameo Time

I cut Zebra Stencils using my Silhouette Cameo, and painted them in with Unicorn Spit's Midnight Blackness.

Step 5: Unifying Border

I painted the border with Unicorn Spit's Midnight Blackness to unify the border with the top.

Step 6: Polyurethane

I applied 7 coats of oil based polyurethane on each stool, lightly sanding between each coats and waiting 24 hrs between coats before re applying.
I cleaned the bases and sprayed them with 2 coats of Rust-oleum Black Gloss Spray Paint

Step 7: Project Complete

I re attached the Bar Stool tops to their bases, believing I achieved the Sassy look!