Introduction: Sault and Roast Nuts/seeds in a Microwave

Hi. I just want to say that I love salted and roasted nuts and seeds. I
can only buy plain pumpkin/sunflower (with no shells) seeds and hazelnuts also with no shells.. So I came up with an idea to do it fast and easily at home.. We bought a pumpkin for Halloween and I thought I will get all the seeds out and use it. I also happened to have some sunflower seeds so I roasted them both and took the photos. So here we go seed and nut lovers! :-)

Step 1: Donor Pumpkin.. :-)

Here the donor Halloween pumpkin :-)

Step 2: Rinsining..

Roast different seeds separately.. I did the pumpkin seeds first and then the sunflower seeds. Put the seeds in the colander and put it under the running tap water.

Step 3: Mix With Some Salt

Place wet seeds or nuts in a plastic container (after draining all the water of course) and sprinkle it with some salt.. I put one or two teaspoons of salt on cup of seeds but it is up to you how salty you like. Mix it up well with your fingers.

Step 4: PS

Tiny P.S. here. Pumpkin seeds were fresh and quite slippery so I actually put it on a kitchen roll to soak up access water and slipperiness. I did not need to do it for the sunflower seeds.

Step 5: Prep for the Microwave

The important thing is to keep the lid for the plastic container partially open as shown on the pic above.

Step 6: Roasting

I have 900w microwave, so it's pretty powerful.. You might need to roast longer if your microwave is less than 900w.

I put the seeds for 2 minutes initially.. Then took the container out carefully, closed it properly and shook it well. ( be careful as the container will be quite hot) and then returned it back in to the Microwave for another minute and a half.. Then took it again and stirred it with a spoon, cooled it down for couple of seconds and put it back again for a minute..

Step 7: Cooking Steps

These are how the seeds looked every time i took them out from the microwave to shake. You will know when they are ready - the shells get all dry and the seeds themselves change their colour to golden brown. Make sure you leave them to cool down.

Step 8: Final Look.

That's how they look when they are cooked! Bon appetit!

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