Introduction: Cheesy Corn Bread!

Hi everybody. This is a very fast cheesy corn bread recipe. It's made of freshly roughly ground corn seeds.

This corn bread is very popular in Republic of Georgia. As I live in UK, I cannot find Georgian cheese here as it is quite different in taste and texture. To substitute the cheese, I got Feta and Mozzarella cheeses and mixed them together.

As for the corn flour - please do no use the corn starch as it is quite a different thing. Try to find roughly ground corn instead.

p.s. You could use puff pastry if you can't find the corn flour - the cheese mix with an egg tastes great even inside the puff pastry. (may be even better :-) )

Step 1: Ingredients

500gm of roughly ground corn (flour)

125gm of Feta

125gm of Mozzarella

1 egg


salt ( to taste)

oil for cooking

Step 2: Make the Corn Paste and Mix the Cheeses!

Put the corn flour in a bowl, sprinkle some salt over it and add some water from the dripping tap (very slowly) and start mixing it by hand till you get all the bits stuck together and could make a ball shape out of it.

As for the cheese, would be great if you could get grated mozzarella and Feta and mix them together and add an egg to it to make them stick together well!

Step 3: Make the Bread..

Make a small (oval shaped) pasty and make a little dip in the middle of it (as shown in the pic above) , put couple of spoonful of cheese inside, fold it closed and gently flatten it.

Step 4: Fry It

Heat up a frying pan and add generous amount of oil to it. Put the breads on it (flatten it gently by hand even more) and fry them on high heat for about 1 minute each side (turning around every couple of seconds) to make it crispy from outside and then reduce to medium to low heat and fry it for another 10 to 15 minutes. Bon appetit!

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