Introduction: Save Google Map Directions As Way-points and Navigate Offline on an Android Device

Google maps is one of the most reliable and detailed when it comes to mapping service available. Sadly though, thanks to its level of details, the amount of data required to store a part of google maps is also very large. Google maps android app does allow us to download offline areas, but the size of the area that can be downloaded is limited by available storage space.

This solution will let you save navigation/directions on google maps as way-points, which can be used for offline navigation.

Step 1: Install Geo Location Marker

geo Location Marker is a free to download application on google play store. Follow this link to the play store.

This app lets you mark places using your GPS coordinates, save places and directions from google maps, use simple compass and distance scale to navigate to saved places and share your saved places.

Step 2: Open Directions in Google Maps App

Go to the google maps app and select your desired destination. Click on the navigate button and choose either your current place or any other place as the source. Once google maps has calculated the directions, select "Share directions" from the options menu. This will list all the apps that can receive the share action from the google maps app. Choose geo Location Marker from the list of apps.

Step 3: Save Way-points in Geo Location Marker

After completing the last step, geo Location Marker will read the google maps URL and save turn-by-turn navigation from maps as way-points. You can view these way-points offline and navigate using a simple compass and distance scale.

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