Introduction: Saving Fishing Worms

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The most important step of this Instructable is having a partner who will let you store worms in the refrigerator.

Step 1: Save Your Fishing Worms and Save Money and the Fishery.

I am a good fisher I know this because I always limit out and I always have bait left. I am by nature a thrifty fellow so to throw extras out is to me a waste and throwing worms out at your fishing spot is a bad idea especially when the bait container is left behind.

Step 2: Just a Few Things and a Cold Spot

Over time I have found some practices that have helped me to keep worms alive and healthy in the refrigerator.

1. I store my worm at 38 degrees.
2. I keep my worms wet enough so they look shiny with some bits of soil sticking to them.
3. As the worms work the soil it becomes dark and pellet like. This is the worm cast remove some of it and replace it with some peat or top soil.
4. Use Magic Worm Food available at sporting goods stores. I sprinkle a little on every three days.
5. I reuse the bait container to take my worms fishing. Just keep them cool and moist and return them to the fridge as soon as possible.

Doing these simple things I can keep worms for weeks using them all to catch fish. I save time because I do not stop for bait before a fishing trip as well as over $100 a fishing season.

Step 3: A Few More Tips

1. Store the worm container lid down so when you open it the worms are right there. Punch small holes in bottom for air.
2. The worm cast makes a great fertilizer for your house plants.
3. To replenish your worms go out after a rain and you will find worms that have been flood out of the lawn.
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