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I made a regular size Sawhorse from plans I found on the PM website. It is 36 inches long by about 32 inches high.

The boards I used were about 47 to 50 inches long. They came from my pile of boards that I featured in another Instructable that I had written:

Since I had to do some bevel cuts on the boards, I was left with some short pieces that are similar to the large pieces that I used for the original Sawhorse.

Rather than throw out what would have been "Scrap" pieces I decided to make a small Sawhorse which turns out to be quite a handy / sturdy stool.

Step 1: Materials

The "I" beam parts were random length so the shortest piece became the length of the top part of the Sawhorse. It turned out to be 10.375 inches long.

The legs did not need trimming since the 2 x 4's I used were all the same length so that eliminated extra cutting.

Approximately, 50- 3 inch #8 wood screws were used to put it together.

Exterior wood glue was used as well.

Step 2: Dimensions


It's 17.5 inches high, top is 5.5 inches wide by 10.375 inches long.

Step 3: Construction the "I" Beam

The bottom piece of the "I" beam had a split the length of it, so I glued and screwed it together. After the glue had set, I drilled 5 pilot holes down the center of it, glue was applied to one side of the 2 x 4, then it was screwed to the bottom piece of the "I" beam.

The top piece of the "I" beam then had pilot holes drilled, the other side of the 2 x 4 then had glue applied and was fastened to the rest of the "I" beam.

Step 4: Construction Attaching the Legs

The bevel (which is 73 degrees) is the same on the bottom piece of the "I" beam and on the legs at both ends.

The legs align with the ends of the "I" beam, pilot holes are drilled in the top of the "I" beam and the leg where it crosses the bottom part of the "I" beam bevel. Glue was applied to the top of the leg and to the lower part of the "I" beam where the leg sits. This part was screwed down first, then from the top of the "I" beam. Repeat for the other legs.

Looking from the end it looks just like the capital letter "A".

Step 5: The Mini Me Sawhorse

It is quite sturdy to sit on!

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