Introduction: Tree Screen for Recycle Bin

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I needed a new tree screen, to hide my recycle bin from the street, the first one I made in 2015 had started to fall apart. A replacement was needed.


1 - 2 x 4 by 4 foot long Pressure Treated

4 - 1 x 6 by 4 foot long Pressure Treated

1 - 2 x 10 x 4 foot long Pressure Treated

2 - 10 inch shelf brackets

Several 2 inch, 1.75 inch and 1.5 inch deck screws

Skilsaw, pencil, work bench, two clamps, drill, drill bits, screw driver bit for deck screws.

Step 1: Cutting the Boards

I first measured the space where it would go, and decided on 36 inches for the lowest piece of the tree.

Each subsequent piece, I subtracted 6 inches, when I got to the the 4th and 5th pieces I decided to make them the same width.

I marked the width on the first board, clamped it to the work bench and made a free hand cut for the angles. That gave me the first and seventh pieces.

Each subsequent cut, the board was clamped to the work bench before cutting.

The next board gave me the second and sixth pieces.

The next board gave me the third and fifth pieces.

The last board gave me the fourth A & B pieces.

The eighth piece was an off cut from one of the other boards.

Step 2: Assembly

I laid the boards out along the 2 x 4 to see how it would look and to figure out the spacing.

Starting 6 inches from the bottom of the 2 x 4, I fastened the first piece, centered, with 3 - 1.75 inch deck screws, left a 1/4 inch space between the next boards. Each board was fastened with 3 screws.

Step 3: Assembly Continued

For the base I used a damaged 2 x 10 by 4 foot. I cut a 20 inch piece off of it and fastened it on top of the remaining 28 inch piece using 2 inch deck screws.

Then I attached the two shelf brackets to the tree using 1.5 inch deck screws, then I screwed the tree to the base, using 1.75 inch deck screws

Step 4: "Planting the Tree"

After and before photos of what the tree covers up, I'm quite happy the way it turned out.

Step 5: Celebrate

I used a short piece of 2 x 6 with 3/8 inch holes drilled in it to put flowers or flags or whatever to celebrate the season, event, or National day. and placed it in front of the tree.

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