Introduction: Schedule Clock: Your Virtual Productivity Assistant.

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I am a professional procrastinator! This lock down put me in a time loop, where everyday just flies without any productive work. To beat my procrastination, I have made this simple and quick clock, which schedules my work. Now I can simply stick to my time table and be productive.

The Schedule Clock simply tells what to do at that point of time!

This is an easy DIY you can do it in no time !


Clock (preferably old)

Screw driver



Compass, Scale, Protractor, Pencil

Color Pencils, Sketch Pens (Optional)

Step 1: Open Apart Old Clock

Carefully unscrew the clock frame.

Remove the glass.

Remove the clock hands one by one.

Gently pull the seconds hand with pliers.

Now carefully remove the minute hand and hour hand.

You will find a washer with threading, try to remove that with fingers.

Now we can take apart the clock mechanism.

Step 2: Cut Out Cardboard

With the same radius of your clock, draw a circle on the cardboard with compass.

Gently cutout the circular cardboard with blade.

Make a hole of the washer size.

Tape the cardboard on the edge.

Step 3: Draw the Clock

Cut out circle on a sheet of paper.

Now draw 6 lines as shown (Like a regular clock)

Draw circles with increment of 1 cm.

Now highlight the parts as shown and rub the other.

Label them as shown.

Step 4: Color Your Schedule (optional)

Now plan your schedule and write them at appropriate timings.

You can also color it for more visual appearance.

Step 5: Place Clock Hands

Put your paper on the cardboard.

Place the clock circuit through the cardboard and screw the washer tight.

You can now place back the clock hands respectively.

Step 6: Write Down Your Schedule.

Write down your timetable in the respective sectors. For example, you workout at 6 pm to 7 pm, fill that sector with a color and write "workout".

Now your clock tells you what to do at that time. So only stick to that work and finish it! You can always change the dial with different schedules! Happy productive hours!

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