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What would school be without a little fun? So for this instructable, I will go over a couple of pranks that you could use every day or ones that could be used for the senior prank, Of course you can get in trouble for some of these pranks, so use them wisely. Remember that destruction of property can get you arrested as will many other offenses. So if you come up with your own pranks, make sure that it wont violate any law.

This is only for informational purposes. If you choose to do any of these pranks, make sure your ready for the consequences and I am not responsible for what you do.

This is my contest entry for back to school. 

Step 1: Paper Airplane in Ceiling

Have you heard of someone throwing a pencil into the little holes of the ceiling tiles that line the ceiling of many classrooms? Well its very hard to do with a pencil. So me and my friends thought of an easier way. A paper airplane.

Materials Required
-Many sheets of notebook paper or scrap paper
-A stapler
-Rubber Band (Optional)

Folding the Plane
You need to follow the pictures in order to fold the plane.
Since its hard to explain, I found this video on Youtube to show you how to fold this particular design. (NOTE: this video is not my original) 

I add to this design by putting a staple in the end of the point. Makes it easier to stick in the ceiling tiles that schools use. 

My friends and I would make an assembly line. I would fold the dart, my friend would put the staple, and another friend would throw it into the ceiling. We had about 13-15 darts in the ceiling of our English class before the teacher noticed. They stayed up there for two days before the janitor took them down.

Step 2: Inside Out Backpack

This has been done for many years to unsuspecting students. It involves the victims backpack being turned inside out. 

Victims Backpack
Zip Ties (optional)

First you need to "borrow" the persons backpack without them noticing. 
Then you take everything out of the main pocket of the backpack and start flipping it inside out. Either you can shove everything back into the main pocket or you can leave the stuff on the persons desk. After that you can zip up the main pocket.

(Optional) Use the Zip Ties and secure the zippers together so they would need something to cut the zip tie.

The Result-
The person will have to spend time flipping their backpack to the way it was. Best time to do this is towards the end of class because the person will have to spend time after class flipping their backpack. If you zip tied the backpack, then they will have to walk around with it inside out till they find something to cut the zip tie.

Another prank we use to do is to flip the backpack inside out and shove it into the smallest pocket in the front.  Most backpacks have the main pocket and an outer pocket. It is very easy to put the whole bag into the outer pocket and still be able to zip it.

Step 3: Student Parking Lot Pranks.

There are many pranks that you can do if you have access to a car when your in school. My favorite prank was something that people have been doing for years. During Halloween I would take one of those fake arms or legs that have clothing attached and hang it out of my trunk. It was funny seeing people's reactions when they walk past my car on their way out of school. 

Body in Trunk Prank-

An arm or leg with the sleeve attached.
(like this
A car.

At the end of the severed arm, there is an extra amount of cloth. This is the area that you close your trunk on. Tug on the arm a few times to make sure that it is secure so that it won't come off an hit another car.

Another prank for a parking lot is to use those markers for windows and write something on your friend's car.  you could do it to an administrators car, but it is not recommended at all. You could get in serious trouble for it even though its not permanent.

Window Writing-

Glass markers (like this
A car

Make sure that the person who owns the car is not around. Create a message and write it using the glass chalk pen on the glass of the car.

Step 4: Computer Pranks

Some of my favorite and easiest pranks to do are the computer ones. These can be done on any computer that you and other students have access to. (like the ones in a library or in the back of the classroom). I wouldn't recommend doing it in a computer class because the teacher knows how to fix the problem and they sometimes have key loggers installed to see what you type. You also have to sign into the OS using your name so they know who messed with the settings..

The library is easy to do if your quick because most schools have a program that will lock you out of the system if your not on task or your in a menu you shouldn't be in.

Screen Flipped Prank
This is the easiest prank to do because it takes less than two seconds to do. 
All you need to do is hold down the following keys.
Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow= Upside Down Screen
Do the same key combination except press the Up Arrow in order to return the screen to normal. 
This usually works on Windows Xp.  I tried it on Windows Vista, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Another easy prank is to replace the internet icon with the shutdown command. 
There are many instructables on how to do this so I dont think I will really need to explain this in great detail. Basically you create a shortcut to shutdown and rename it internet explorer and use the internet explorer icon.  People use the internet the most in school so it should shutdown the computer everytime they hit the fake icon.

Mouse Post-it
This is very easy to do. All you need is a post-it note and stick that post-it note over the "eye" of the optical mouse. It will keep the person from moving the mouse because the "eye" can not see the changes in direction.

Switched Keys
Assuming that the computer is a desktop at your school, you can carefully pry off a couple of keys from the keyboard and switch them around. You can do it on a laptop computer, but the keys are fragile compared to the desktop so its not recommended. 

BSOD Screen Saver
The Blue Screen Of Death basically means that your expensive computer is now an expensive paperweight. Microsoft actually has a screensaver that simulates what happens when the BSOD effects a computer. You can get this screensaver from
It will be funny to see the persons reaction when they find out they have a huge problem only to find out that its fake when they move the mouse.

Step 5: Bathroom Pranks

One of the best places for a disgusting prank is in a bathroom. 

Realistic Fake Vomit
You can buy fake vomit at any novelty shop. It looks really fake right out of the packet so in order to make it look real; you need to place the fake vomit in a sink in the bathroom. Wet it to make it look realistic. When someone washes their hands, they will think that someone had to vomit inside of the sink.

Cling Wrap Toilet
Of course a bathroom inside of a school is horrible because janitors seem to lack cleaning that area. This prank is the most disgusting prank I think anyone has come up with. You need a pack of cling wrap that you can get from any grocery store. You take the roll of cling wrap and use it to cover the opening of the bowl of the toilet. After you have sealed the drain, you need to put the seat back down and wait for the results. The victim will have a huge mess on the floor  because the cling wrap keeps any material from going into the bowl of the toilet. The person won't know the cling wrap is there until its too late!!

Many people have done this prank before. I think I did it in Elementary school. You need to wait until someone has enter a stall. Then you need to lock them in the stall using something like duct tape. Its hard to do because the doors of the stalls usually open inward. If you manage to pull this off, the person will have to crawl out of the stall from underneath the door. 

Out of Order?
This is the same as the prank above except you will have to crawl underneath the stall or over the top and have printed signs ready. You go into each stall and lock the door. Then you "escape" from the stall and put an out of order sign on every locked stall. If you do this prank in school, you need to do it to every stall in the bathroom so that if a person really needs to go, they won't be able to.

Step 6: SENIOR Pranks!!!

One of the best times of your life is your senior year in high school. You are finally becoming an adult and planning on college or career. There are activities like prom and grad night so you can make memories with friends you may not see ever again. One obligation the senior class has is the senior prank.

These are some ideas that have worked and some that  may work.

*Doing a prank as a senior is risky because the school can withhold your diploma if your caught and depending on the severity of the prank, you could be arrested if your caught, so proceed at your own risk!!!*

- TP

A classic prank is to toilet paper the trees on your campus. My school had many senior classes do this prank because the toilet paper is cheap and it creates a huge mess. If the school does not catch the guilty party, they can charge the whole senior class for the cleanup of the mess. So if your going to do this prank, make sure its towards the end of the year or on graduation day.

-Cafeteria Bolts
One year at my school, the senior class removed the bolts holding the tables together in the cafeteria so that the tables fell apart. The school also charged the senior class that year a ridiculous  amount of money for each bolt missing. 

-Senior Bar-ba-que
I thought about doing this prank, but it would have been hard to get everyone to show up and bring something. It involves bringing a huge grill and set it in front of the entrance to the school. Invite every senior and tell them to bring something to eat. Like an hour or two before school, start cooking on the grill and allow only seniors to have something to eat. The arriving underclassmen would be really pissed when they smell the food and the administrators would be "dumbfounded".

-Food/Water Balloon Fight
This prank failed in my school for my senior class because no one wanted to be the one to "cast the first stone". It was a tradition to do a food fight and a senior prank. During lunch you need someone to start a food fight. (preferably an underclassmen) The school will go on lockdown as soon as security gets word of whats going on. In order to prepare for this prank, you need to inform everyone in your class and tell them to wear "rags". If you plan to do water balloons, you need to prepare those early on. You may get dirty or soaked and have to go to class early, but it will be fun while it lasts.

-Beach Party
My senior class did this as our senior prank. This was different from Senior Ditch Day. This occurred on our graduation date. Everyone in my school was wondering why no one has done the prank yet, so at 1 am in the morning, a couple of my friends received access to school grounds by some of the security guards. My friend had his truck loaded with sand and parked it on the grass in the main area of the campus. He and a bunch of other people started to dump and spread all that sand onto the grass. They then laid out beach stuff like a volleyball net, beach chairs, and even a sand castle. When everyone arrived at 7:30, even the teachers enjoyed the prank.

Step 7: WARNINGS and Tips

If you plan to come up with your own pranks; you need to think about the legal aspects. You do not want to do anything that involves the use of animals because you can be arrested for animal cruelty and animal endangerment. Many people at my school thought of using animals by letting some loose inside of the halls. Only thing that stopped people from doing it is the threat of being arrested with those charges.

You do not want to do anything that involves the use of paint because you can be arrested for vandalism is caught. 

If your caught doing anything bad during your senior year, the school can, and will, withhold your diploma or deny you from walking on stage or both. So if you really want to risk it, then go for it. I won't be responsible.

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