Introduction: Sci-fi/Star Wars Man Cave Karaoke Home Theater W/Multicolored Lighting Effects

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So after the flood of Harvey, everyone in this area was devastated in the wake of its destruction. I was about 90% complete with my Star Wars man cave when Harvey hit. we had to Demo all the way back to bricks and studs so I saw an opportunity here to make my Man cave even more awesome than it was. And the 1st one WAS AWESOME!! This one I was able to plan from the beginning adding where to add plugs for special effects, Lighting, Ect. So this is Man cave 2.0 and I have the technology to build it better,,,,stronger....faster!!!! (Someone has to know what thats from!)


Supplies used were plexiglass, LED Lights, MDF sheets, Various 1x2s/1x3s/1x4s/ basic framing lumber and lots of nails!

Step 1: In the Beginning

First thing that went in was sheet rock. Next was My black tile and my new chairs because I had to see what they looked like in there.

I knew I wanted some sort of beams in the room to look like heavy duty industrial beams but had no idea how to build them. I tried several different ways and finally decided on MDF 4x8 sheets. Looking at pictures of how I wanted them to look I drew out a templet and cut them out with my trusty roto razor saw. After Beams where framed in it was time to start looking at the focal point between the beams I put in. I decided on a "Space Window"

I looked at pictures online till I decided on a 4k ultra High Def picture that I had blown up and put on plexiglass. the best place I found was

Step 2: Built Out From Wall and Paint Base Layer

From what I was wanting, I knew the walls were gonna be a multi level kinda thing. I framed the space window with 2x6 lumber from the floor to help support the weight of what I knew was to come. I was able to back light the window with a regular fluorescent light and plug it in where it couldn't be seen. I had to construct the panel below the window so that I could access it if light malfunctioned or when I needed to change the bulb. Basically I built a huge shadowbox around the window for added depth effect. Soon after, the paint went on. My wife did an amazing job while I was at work.

Step 3: Built Vortex Exhaust Intake Manifold. (Huge Infinity Mirror)

My son and I embarked on building a huge infinity mirror from a round breakfast table we had in the garage. I took off the pedestal base, and mounted a mirror on the inside. We then built a small 3" wall around the mirrors edge. I used Masonite board for this because it can be bent to the correct curve.I then drilled holes about every inch and a half in the center of that wall. We inserted LED holders in the holes and used clear "lite brites" in them with led string lights behind the wall.

We then mounted the mirror to the wall opposite the Space Window, I will use LEDs to replace the Lite Brite pegs since they dont transmit lite as brightly as I'd like. I do love when my young nieces and nephews come to visit. I tell the, "Dont get to close to that! it'll suck you in!!!" LOL!!!

Step 4: Its All in the Details

So after facings were completed, the room has kinda come full circle. I ended where it all began. I will be adding details for many long months. Ive used 3 and a quarter PVC pipes over the window, over the Mirror, And will be putting a 3 pipe run down center of ceiling to give it a more "Industrial feeling" In fact the details will probablly be one of those things that never ends! Lol!I Will be installing my High Definition projector this weekend!! Star Wars is 1st order of business! Quick tip on painting PVC pipe. I used a black plastic primer and paint on one run of pipes. worked great. I also used some craft spray adhesive to give the paint something to bond to on another run of the PVC piping. This also worked great. I had used a regular spray primer on the 1st run and the paint did not stick. make sure you use a primer that is approved for plastic. If its not available then the adhesive should get you buy

Step 5: Added Facings to Beams and Details to Walls on Each Side of Window

Once beams were completed and LED strip lights were put inside the beams, I constructed facings with Plexiglas windows to let the LED light stripes shine through. The patterns on all the Plexiglas and glass were made at a decal shop and served very well for the effect and look I wanted. the facings are held in place by Cabinet door "stab pegs" so that I can easily perform maintenance on the lights if needed without a major deconstruct.

I used 1x2s to construct detailing on the wall next to the window and wired in LED lights to resemble control buttons.

Step 6: Updates Since Last Post

Finished out the right side of the room. Added a ring frame around the infinity mirror complete with LEDs for a completed look. Finished around my customized Carbonite sculpture and added panels. A
dded a working hologram table. Upgraded the space window to a retro arcade. Added a sliding blast door.
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