Scissors Sheath

Introduction: Scissors Sheath

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I have a unique pair of Scissors that needed a sheath, the reason why will be revealed at the end of the Instructable.


A piece or pieces of leather that are large enough to make the sheath, leather punch, heavy duty shears for cutting the leather, a pencil, a marker, measuring tool, Speedy Stitcher, small ruler, gauge for spacing, small clamp.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

The Black handled tool with the 5 holes is what I used for spacing the holes for sewing. I think it is used normally for making grooves in cucumbers or radishes. I got it for 50 cents at a 2nd hand store. I used every second hole for the spacing.

The leather came from a bag of assorted pieces of leather from Michaels.

Step 2: Tracing the Scissors for a Pattern

I put the scissors on the smaller piece of leather and traced out the silhouette with a pencil, then made a margin of 1/2 inch around the silhouette. Then using a permanent marker highlighted it.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Leather Front and Transferring the Shape to What Will Become the Back Piece

Using the shears, cut out the Front piece. Then transfer the outline of the Front piece shape to the other piece of leather, position it so that there will be a long enough piece of leather for a belt loop. Cut out the back piece.

Step 4: Making the Belt Loop

Then using the spacing tool mark out the hole spacing. Punch the holes out using a hole punch.

Fold the belt loop towards the front of the sheath so that the holes line up. Use a spring loaded clamp to keep the holes lined up.

Using the speedy stitcher sew the loop together. You can see the way to finish off the stitch and threads in the next steps.

Step 5: Sewing the Front and Back Together

Mark the holes on the front and back pieces, make sure they will line up. Punch the holes.

Clamp the front and back pieces together. Start sewing from the bottom up one side. After ten stiches you can then remove the clamp. Then start at the bottom again and up the other side.

Step 6: Finishing the Stitch and Tying Off the Thread Ends.

When you get to the end, back stitch about 4 holes. Pull about 3 inches of thread from the stitcher and cut it off at the needle tip.

With no thread in the needle push the needle through one side of the sheath, in the next hole from where you ended, thread the needle and pull back to the outside. Repeat with the other side of the sheath.

Tie a square knot and trim the ends. A square knot is one knot and then another knot on top of it, this type keeps it from coming undone.

Step 7: The Finished Sheath and Why I Wanted One.

The Sheath is done and the scissors fit snuggly in it.

This particular pair of scissors comes apart and one part can be used as a knife, because the blades are very sharp it's a good idea to have some place to safely store the other part when you are using the other one as a knife.

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