Introduction: Scout Crossover Bridge

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Crossover bridge for Scouting. Comes apart for transportation. Very durable. Can hold up nine 3rd graders and a Den leader. Wood costs about $50. Up to you on finishing. There are 12 removable planks that we put the scout law.


Wood Products:
(5) 2x4, 96", Board

(5) 1x6, 120", Board


(48) 2 1/2" self tapping screws

Wood glue

Velcro Strips

Parts/Cut List:
(18) Plank, 1x6-30"

(4) Side (Base), 2x4-22"

(4) Side (Top), 2x4-11"

(6) Step Supports, 2x4-27"

(3) Beams, 2x4-66"

(4) Beam Guides (Scrap wood), 1/2"x3/4"-11"

Step 1: Build the Sides

Start by attaching the (Top) and (Bottom) sides. Remember to face the pocket holes to the inside of the steps.
Don't make 4 sides the same way.

Step 2: The Supports

Attach three Step Supports to the side boards with pocket screws. The beam support on the left will have Beam Guides, 11" in length. Thick enough to hold the beams in place. The 2" gaps are to keep the beams from flipping. The middle and right step supports are placed at midpoint to support two planks.

Attach the other side board with pocket screws

Step 3: The Steps

Three Planks will be screwed from the top to the steps.
Do the same for the second set of steps.

Step 4: Assembly

You will have two sets of steps, 3 beams, and 12 planks. Lay out the two sets of steps across one another with the beams next to them.

Insert the Beams into the steps along the guides.

The 12 Planks should fit along the beams.

Step 5: Secure Planks

Apply Velcro strips along the three beams and the other strip to the back side of the Planks. Use a knife to separate the Planks. I suggest assembling the bridge upside down, remove the Steps, and you can see how the Beams lay on the Planks.

**Warning** This is a ceremonial bridge. Do not allow users to run or the Planks can slip. It is not recommended to use over areas where a traditional bridge would be used (river, ditches, etc.).

Step 6: Finishing With the Scout Law

There are 12 planks to display the Scout Law. The wood was finished with Danish Oil. The vinyl letters were applied and sealed with polyurethane. Vinyl was the easiest and cheapest option.