Introduction: Scrap Metal Pot Hanger

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To pull this off you need an eye for scrap... Yes, it takes that means looking at places you'll find random junk and some particularly useful metal. Fortunately our local Habitat Restore does a good job sorting metal and keeps it available at scrap prices.

I found this piece of abandoned conveyor track for about $.40. It shined up nicely and had the holes that made for easy mounting.

The important factor is finding something solid that can hold the S-Hooks to connect pots. Sure you could buy a new rack or bend a piece of conduit... but reuse is more fun.


Scrap metal that fits the space above your sink or island... you may also need some chain to hang.

Step 1: Clean Up

The scrap metal should be thoroughly cleaned.

Along with the wire brush dish soap goes a long way.

Step 2: Painting

Best to use spray paint outside when possible. Certainly makes it easier to handle and avoid any fumes.

Milk crates or cardboard boxes make it easy to support. You can see I also through in a drop cloth because I didn't want the chickens eating paint that might get on the lawn.

Step 3: Hanging

The conveyor track is perfect for this corner over our sink.

Mounting Location. Ideally the hanger would be over an island. In our small kitchen that's not an option. The next best place is over the sink. That allows for washed pots and pans to dry over the sink.

Hanging. We have old stucco walls that made it easy to hang just over the window. I picked up these stainless steel screws years ago. They self tap and bite into anything. Stainless screws strip easily but have a great finished look.

Step 4: Daily Use

Everyday. We use the pot hanger every time we cook. Pots are always accessible and never in the way.

Recommended. Highly recommend adding this to any kitchen. Especially if you have one like ours with <6' of counter space and limited cabinets.

Thanks for reading! ---Jeff

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