Introduction: Scrap Wood Dog Stairs

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Sage turns 11 this year and is getting to old for the leap onto the bed. She needed stairs and I had scrap wood...

I am not a professional carpenter and I do not take any responsibility for anything bad happening as a result of you building this.

Step 1: Supplies

I had 2 - 2x6x8 boards and some scrap/ broken pallet. I found some finish nails and some drywall screws.

Step 2: 2x6s

My bed is 2ft high. So the first length to cut is 24", then 18", then 12" & finally 6".

Step 3: Again

Cut the second 2 x 6

Step 4: Width

Depends on the dog. Sages legs span 10" so I made mine 14" wide. Use some scrap to see what looks good for you.

Step 5: Side Braces

Flush with base of each step. Holds base boards together and makes steps stronger.

Step 6: Steps

Steps are 1 x 6 x 14. Step- faces are 1 x 6 x 14 also; except for the top where the step face is 6.75"

Step 7: Put It Together

Attach steps and step faces to base with finish nails.

Step 8: Sand

Sanding scrap wood is magical!

Step 9: Conclusion

You will still need to sand and trim and then finish. Cool note: the stairs are reversible; one way they are a little longer if your dog needs more help and the other way the side braces can hold up shelves inside the stairs creating a storage solution as well! Thanks for checking it out:)