Introduction: Scrap Wood Wall Hanging Frame

- Went to nearby carpenter and got some scrap wood.

- assorted according to the size and shapes.

- Try to sand few pieces to bring out the natural design.

- Most of the wood remained as it is.

Step 1: MDF Wood

- got 3 feet x 1.5 feet MDF wood

- assembled the scrap wood along the boarded and to make it easy marked with numbers.( you can see on the MDF)

Step 2: Placement and Assemble

- Glued all the scrap wood to the borders.

- while working got an idea to attach 2 blocks on upper corner and screw the hooks, so that we can hand some keychains or some hangings

- in between added 3 x 10cmsx 4cms wood, which act as shelfs.

Step 3: Finally Finished the Wall Hanging

- added some black spray paint to the back ground and once it dried , applied varnish to it.

- The varnish made it look like mirror effect.

- Arranged shelves as above, the pots are also reused one. in future we can add some flowers .

Friends please let me know how it is and also send some suggestions too :)

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