Introduction: Scrapbook

I started making scrapbooks about 5 years ago when I got supplies from aunt who is retired art teacher.

Step 1: Gather Supplies You Will Need

To make scrapbook you will need:

12x12 album

12x12 paper

12x12 page protectors

colored paper for background (for the photos)



paper cutter

photo stickers


markers/felt pens

ribbons if you want it

glitter tape

Some supplies listed are not required to make scrapbook.

Step 2: Paper

Second step in this process is to choose several different papers you want to use in your scrapbook.

Step 3: Photos

After you have picked out papers you want use in your scrapbook, the next step is to decide which photos you want to use in your scrapbook.

Step 4: Accessories

After picking out pictures, choose on what stickers, ribbons, 3D embellishments you want to use with your photos. Choose solid background color paper to go behind your pictures

Step 5: Page Arrangement

After you have completed step 4, start to arrange your page with photos and accessories.

Step 6: Cutting Paper and Gluing

After you arranged your page the way you want it to be, start cutting solid background color papers to match the size of your photos. Then glue the paper to the back of photo.

Warning: Be careful with the paper cutter, it can be sharp and I have cut myself once with it

Step 7: Finalize the Page Arrangement

After you glued all color paper behind photos, glue them on the 12x12 paper and add the embellishments and stickers to the page. Use sticker letters to title the page.,

Step 8: Captions

Add captions below or at the side of your photos to describe photos or write down your memories.

Step 9: Repeat

Repeat all steps until you finish all pages you want for your scrapbook.

Step 10: Page Protectors

Put your pages in pages protectors in your scrapbook.

Step 11: Do This If Necessary

Add more page protectors if your scrapbook is full and you still need more page protectors to put your completed photo pages. Follow instructions that came with your scrapbook or package of page protectors on how to add more page protectors to your scrapbook.

Step 12: Clean Up

After you are done working on your scrapbook, clean up your mess so your partner or your parents won't get angry at you!

Step 13: Enjoy!

You are done! Enjoy your scrapbook! Leave it out in the living room or family room to show it to everybody!