Introduction: Screamin Skelly Chair

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Turn that old chair into something people will just be dying to sit in.

Found this old wrought iron chair on it's way to the scrap yard and new I just had to have it. Originally all I planned on doing was changing the fabric on it but then the twisted mind started turning.

Step 1: Prep & Paint

Remove the cushions and sand/wire brush any rust or loose paint off.

Spray paint silver and let dry. Once dry take a can of flat black spray paint and lightly spray sections and quickly wipe off with a rag. This will give it a tarnished look.

Step 2: Add Blucky Skeleton

Take a plastic Blucky skeleton (commonly found at Big Lots during Halloween) and Cut out sections between the ribs. Once that is done, take the torso and slice down the seams on both sides far enough to fit inside of the frame of the chair - making the chair 3D.

Next cut the top nub off of the leg bones (the part that attaches the lower leg bone to the upper leg bone). Now slice the leg down the back side so that you can slide over the leg of the chair. Cut a large enough hole in the top part of the feet so that they will fit over the foot of the chair.

I didn't want to leave the lower opening of the chair open so I took a piece of pvc pipe and cut it to fit between the small section of spine on the skeleton and the bottom bar of the chair back. Then I took pieces of pool noodles and glued them onto the pvc to make it look like a spine.

Last I took the skull, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Now take a heat gun & CAREFULLY heat the plastic and (with work gloves on) stretch and shape the face to whatever look you desire. I used a set of fake teeth from the Dollar Tree to give him a creepier look.

Spray the inside of the skull & the teeth black.

Assemble everything onto the chair. To attach the skull cut a slit wide enough to slide it over the top edge of the chair.

Step 3: Tongue & Corpsing

This is actually an optional step but does give the skull a freakier look.

Take a piece of sponge and cut it into a tongue shape. Using the cotton batting & liquid latex technique of corpsing cover the tongue. Let dry.

Corpse the inside bottom portion of the lower jaw. You can attach the tongue while the lower jaw is still wet by putting a fresh coat of latex on the underside of the tongue or waiting until all is dry & hot gluing it.

Now corpse the skull, torso, spine and legs. If you get any of the latex on the chair frame, don't worry, when it is dry it will peel right off.

Step 4: Painting

Paint the entire thing gray. Once it is mostly dry, take a wet cloth and rub over some areas to reveal the off white of the latex underneath the gray. Next take black paint to darken all of the recessed areas (such as between the ribs and around the edges of any torn fleshy areas.) While it is still wet, wipe the excess paint off with a rag.

(the color is off in some of the pics below but they are really all done the same color - stupid camera!)

Step 5: The Seat Cushion

Choose whatever fabric you like for the seat cushion. A heavier fabric would be great if you can find it in the pattern that you like but I just used a regular cotton fabric because I loved the design on it. (This chair is more of a show piece than a regular piece of furniture, so it won't be getting sat on every day anyway.). Re-upholster the seat cushion and re-attach it to the chair.

Screamer Option: Before attaching the fabric to the cushion, cut a piece of thin board or heavy cardboard slightly smaller than the seat area. Cut a piece of padding by using some cotton batting to fit the cushion. Next take one of those pressure sensitive screaming halloween door mats and remove the cover carefully. Place the pressure mechanism on top of the piece of thin board or cardboard, then place the new piece of padding that you cut on top of the pressure mechanism and cover that with your fabric. Place this over the old cushion and finish re-upholstering the seat. Attach the battery compartment to the underside of the chair with hot glue so you have easy access to change the batteries.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Now you have a great conversation piece and if you have gone with the screamer option, you have a chair that is going to give you a lot of laughs when it scares the pee out of unsuspecting victims who sit on it. OH! Maybe I should have added "Scotchguard the fabric" to the last step. LOL!!
You can also give it to your best friend, like I did. Well, only if they like stuff like this, otherwise they may have you committed. LOL!!

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