Introduction: Screen Hood for FPV / Phone / Tablet / GPS

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I have been flying my (Drone) 350 QX3 AP Combo quite a bit lately in very strange light. Most of the light is vary harsh and reflects off my phone screen which my drone uses as a FPV (First Person View) screen.

I have tried almost everything on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active to cut down on the glare so I can see what my drone is seeing. Nothing has worked, so it was time to get serious.

I looked online and all hoods required a phone with no case.

So it was time to create!

Remember this will work for anything where you have an issue with glare, not just my application!

Step 1: Things You Need

First things first, you need a flat black strong material.

Light 101: Flat black absorbs light.

This may be the most expensive part of the build.

I went to a local hobby store and purchased 2 felt sheets with sticky backing for a whole whopping $1.24 per sheet.

Aside for my purchase where the fuel to get to the store cost more than my purchase, I had everything else.

You will need:

A flat black material (listed above)
Razor blade or scissors
E 600 glue
Hook and Loop tape (Velcro)
Cutting board
The Device (Tablet/Gps/Phone)
Any accessories

Step 2: Sticky Sticky

Remove glue backer from both sheets of felt.

Line up both sheets glue side in and press firmly.

Careful, I made a mistake here and touched both together before lining them up.

This glue is very strong! Pulling it appart ao i could realign it was quite difficult.

Both sheets where glued together for strength and rigidity considering each sheet alone was to flimsy.

Step 3: Paper Work

Center and place device on edge of sheet.

1.) Simply trace the outside of device.

2.) Draw Tabs for velcro and side flaps

3.) Draw hood

4.) Draw soften side flaps by removing corners.

5.) Cut out stencil

Use a ruler for best results.

Remember the dimentions will be different for each device, so some spatial abilities will be required here.

Step 4: Overlay

Place the stencil over your material and hold tightly to keep it from moving.

Use a ruler to get straight cuts as you cut your material.

Step 5: Creases

Use the ruler to crease along tabs, sides and hood.

Step 6: Glue Time

Cut your hook and loop tape (Velcro) size and glue it with E 6000 to tabs and reciprocating side.

Step 7: Accessories

My drone uses a clamp to hold my phone to the controller.

You may have a charger or some other accessory which you will need access to depending on your device.

Cut holes or slots in proper locations as needed.

Step 8: Press

Simple... I just folded it up and put it under some books over night.

Step 9: Test Fit and Go

Test the fit to your device.

If all is well simply Enjoy!

No more sun glare!