Introduction: Screw Retriever

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Cheaply hack a Swifer-type mop into a tool to find screws lost on the floor.

Step 1: Materials List

Swifer- type ($8) mop
Sheet of rubber magnet ($6) can be reused from the backs of locker photoholders
Liquid Nail adhesive, storm window or gasket sealant
Scissors or paper cutter

Step 2: Cut Rubber Magnet to Size

1. Measure the footprint of the mop or trace it onto the magnet sheet.
2. Cut the magnet to size with scissors or a paper cut.

Step 3: Glue the Magnet Strip to the Mop Head

A. Using Liquid Nail or another gasket adhesive to secure the magnet to the mop
B. Let dry under weight.

Step 4: Assemble Mop Handle

If you will be retrieving screws from a seated position, you may only need some of the handle sections.

Step 5: Retrieve Some Screws

sprinkle your floor with screws, staples or paperclips
and then pick them up.
do this over and over until it is time to go home.