Introduction: Scribble Bot

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In this activity we will use a motor and a weight to make our Scribble Bot unbalanced and draw on paper.


construction paper, scissors, tape, hobby motor, battery, and markers

Step 1: Make a Body for Your Scribble Bot

I did this by making a cylinder out of the construction paper and tape. First cut out a strip of paper, then tape the edges together. Use the cylinder to trace a circle on the paper. This circle does not have to fit your cylinder perfectly. It's better for the circle to be too big than too small. Tape the circle to the top of the cylinder. If you do not want to make the body of your Scribble Bot, you can also use a plastic cup.

Step 2: Tape Your Markers to the Inside of the Cylinder

You can use as many markers as you would like. I chose to use three.

Step 3: Create a Weight and Attach It to the Motor

I used tape to create the weight. I took a long piece of tape and folded it up. Then I taped it to the motor.

Step 4: Tape the Motor to the Body of Your Scribble Bot

Tape the motor to the top of the cylinder. Make sure the weight on the motor does not hit anything when it spins.

Step 5: Tape the Motor to the Battery and Tape the Battery Down

Tape the wires on the motor to either side of the battery. Then tape the battery down.

Step 6: Now You Have a Finished Scribble Bot

Take off the caps of the markers and let the Scribble Bot go on the paper and see what beautiful pictures you can create!