Introduction: Wobblebot

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In this activity we will use a motor to make a Wobblebot that dances or hops around.


scissors, tape, hobby motor, battery, popsicle sticks (or any thing to create the body of your Wobblebot) and things to decorate your Wobblebot.

Step 1: Create the Body of the Wobblebot

Use any material you want to create a body for your Wobblebot. I taped 4 popsicle sticks together. Another good option is cardboard.

Step 2: Add Legs to Your Wobblebot

For my Wobblebot I cut two popsicle sticks in half and taped them to the body of my Wobblebot.

Step 3: Create a Weight and Attach It to the Motor

To create a weight, I folded up a long piece of tape then taped to the motor. When the motor is on, the tape will swing around and make the Wobblebot unbalanced.

Step 4: Check If the Motor and Battery Work

Attach the wires on the motor to each side of the battery. It does not matter which wire you attach to which side of the battery. Make sure the tape spins around without stopping.

Step 5: Attach the Motor to the Body of Your Wobblebot

Use tape to attach the motor to the edge of the Wobblebot. Make sure that the weight (the tape) can spin around without hitting anything.

Step 6: Attach the Battery to the Motor and Tape Down the Battery.

Tape the wires of the motor to each side of the battery and tape down the battery.

Step 7: Decorate Your Wobblebot

You can decorate it however you want. I chose to try to make mine look like a bunny. I call her Blue.