Introduction: Scribbling Machine-Castilleja School

Hey Guys! Today I am going to teach you all how to build your own scribbling machines. The scribbling machine moves in various ways (with the help of an offset motor) to make cool designs with markers. You can also use some recycled materials for this project!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here are the Materials You Will Need to Build Your Own Scribbling Machine:


Wire Cutters

Popsicle Sticks (Optional)

Pipe Cleaners (Optional)

Masking Tape

Rubber Band

Hobby Motor

AA battery

A Container or Box (I used a yogurt container)


Step 2: Tape Markers Onto Container

You can use masking tape to attach your markers to your container. Make sure that the markers are evenly placed along the container so that the container stays balanced when it is standing.

Step 3: Attach Wires to Your Hobby Motor

Use your wire cutters to cut two wires for your motor. You can also use your wire cutters to strip both ends of the wires. Then attach the wires to your motor.

Step 4: Offset Your Motor

To offset your motor means to attach a weight to the shaft of your motor that is not centered. I used a hot glue stick as a weight. If you choose to use a hot glue stick as well, make sure that it is no longer than three inches so that the motor can rotate it.

Step 5: Tape Your Motor to the Top of Your Container

You can use masking tape to do this. Make sure that the glue stick will still be able to rotate when the motor is tapped down. This means that the front of the motor should extend from the container, and it should be between two of the markers.

Step 6: Use a Rubber Band to Attach the Wires to Your AA Battery

Use the other ends of your wires that were attached to your motors and attach them to the positive/negative ends of your AA battery. You can then use a rubber band and wrap it around the battery to keep the wires on the terminals. The glue stick should be spinning now. Then tape the battery onto the top of your container as well.

Step 7: Test Out Your Scribbling Machine!

Test it out! It should look something like this when your done: