Introduction: Scrollsaw Diy

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Hi guys.
I did alot of youtube video watching and decided im gonna make a scrollsaw myself


Scrap wood
Old working jigsaw
Scrollsaw blade
Cup hooks
Large spring

Step 1: Making the Body

So i built a vertical shaft and at the top i drilled a hole through both putting a spacer between the a single hole through the arm..... and lotted the arm above the spacer and lined it up with the othe 2 holes.... the put a bolt through them all so the arm swings free.

Step 2: Attaching the Jigsaw.

I had a small board lying around and i drill holes in the base of the jigsaw and roughly marked on the board where the blade will appear through... then i drilled a hole and a small v slot to compensate for blade travel...attached the jigsaw to the board with small screws

Step 3: Biulding a Frame

I then proceeded to biuld a frame to hold the the vertical shaft and arm and the jigsaw mounted board..... taking precaution to countersink screws so it will not hamper anything. Screwed it all together and then procceeded to screw in cup eye hooks to the back of the arm and another at the bottom of the shaft, and connect the 2 with heavy duty springs....

Step 4: Finishing Off

I then cut a slot at the tip of the arm so my blade can slide into it as in the pic. Because the spring is so thick, i really had to force down the arm so the spring can stretch

Step 5:

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