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So the gf, God bless her soul, knows that i love building and making things.

So soon after moving in with her, she twisted my arm and asked me to build her a greenhouse, a dream of hers that she always wanted.... and i was to be that knight in shining armor.

Step 1: Levelling

I started off by levelling the ground the greenhouse was to be built on, a small feat when the yard is sloped. Lots of hard work and got it level enough.

Step 2: Building the Frame

So to start building, i didn't have any materials, so a trip to the local hardware store scored me free pallets..
Disassembly of the pallets made me a pro, lol.
I asked around and got 8 free 3-4m treated poles.
Dropped the poles into 2ft deep holes and sturdied them with broken stones and compacted down with soil.

Step 3: Actual Build

Building the greenhouse proved more work than anything, trying to get it done before planting season.

Pallets dismantled and planks laid out and joined together and nailed onto the treated poles.. the greenhouse is roughly 3 x 4m and i got to scratching my head as to how im going to build the roof part.

So i built it in small square sections.... and viola! It was sturdy enough for me to hang off it.

Step 4: Prevention Is Better

So its late afternoon and im thinking.... monkeys! As soon as anything grows, they pick off, take a bite and throw the rest....a quick trip to tge hardware ironed out that part.... galvanised chicken wire mesh all around the side and fencing wire on the roof....and covered the roof with shade cloth.

Step 5: Finishing Off

Ran out of pallets and still had the door to complete so i got what i thought would work instead..... a long 1,5m window frame.... put that on hinges and Bob's your uncle! Worked like a dream.... for a few weekends after that, i laid out and make raised beds inside and also make a few planter boxes out of the offcuts of the forward to the present day, she has got all things blooming and growing and has planted beans and peas around it so the wire mesh and fencing acts like a trellis....

Step 6: Where Did These Chickens Come From?

It happened a little after i completed the greenhouse, i got home from work one day and there were chickens running all around, and guess what? i had to build a chicken coop as an addition to the greenhouse... also a small nesting station and a potting tale for her gardening and other things, phew by then i was tired as a bat flying through the day.

But fast forward to today, the greenhouse is flourishing and the chickens have had eggs that have since hatched and free eggs for breakfast.

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