Sea Breeze & Dandruff

Introduction: Sea Breeze & Dandruff

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Are those white pesky flakes on your scalp getting you down? Well, now, here's the perfect solution for you! Use Sea Breeze! Of course it does wonders for skin care, but did you know that it can also work wonders on your scalp? It's true! My mother and I had thought about the idea while washing my hair one time. She thought that during the time that we wash my hair, she could use the Sea Breeze as a rinse to eliminate excess dandruff. That light bulb moment was a success, since washing my hair twice a week and using the Sea Breeze in that same manner will sparks perfect results!

Step 1: Getting Started

You can do this step ahead of time or during the day that you wash you hair before jumping right into the shower. Start by grabbing some Sea Breeze and spilling some onto a cotton ball or cotton pad. Then, take that ball or pad and swipe it along the areas of your scalp affected with dandruff. In the end, you should start to see a minimal amount of dandruff.

By the way, I bought this CVS Brand Skin Astringent for $4 plus 25% off its regular price! You can almost instantly compare the results of price and skin care to that with TN Dickinson's Witch Hazel or the regular Sea Breeze brand name.

Step 2: Wash It Out

Now, when you're ready, jump into the shower and wash your hair like you normally would. My best bet? Go for Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care 2-in-1 or their new Instant Relief 2-in-1. Also, try Medicated Selsun Blue. It works tough on dandruff more than anything! And, don't forget to use the Sea Breeze along your scalp as a rinse.

Now, in the end, you should start to see little or no dandruff at all.

Step 3: More About Sea Breeze

Here's the scoop: the alcohol based ingredients (some of which you just can't pronounce) work wonders in clearing skin problems (like pimples and blackheads), but it also works wonders on dandruff, too, since the alcohol can easily dissolve excess flakes leaving your scalp clean, clear and fresh from the first time that you wash your hair and rinse off with it.

P.S. If that doesn't work for you, what else would? Just use regular shampoo and conditioner...

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