Introduction: Seafood Bread Roll

Hello, many people like sushi. So, I will make the seafood bread roll. It’s taste like sushi, but without the seaweed. It’s easy to make and quick. Let’s begin.

Ingredients that you need to do Seafood Bread Roll.

1. Salmon, shrimp, imitation crab.

2. Bread (Any kinds, big bread is better)

3. Avocado, dill, mayonnaise, seasoning, and wasabi paste.

Step 1: Bake and Prepare Topping.

First, you need to clean the salmon and shrimps, put the seasoning and cook it. I use the hot air oven for 12 minutes. Then I slice salmon into sticks, and slice the shrimp in half and imitations crab sticks. Then prepare the topping, now slice avocado, chop dill, and make the sauce by mixing mayonnaise with wasabi paste (not too much wasabi paste) and chop dill. Mix up well. Then I use the bottle roll on the bread to make it flat.

Step 2: Roll the Bread.

The roll, arrange salmon sticks, shrimps, imitation crab sticks, avocado at one end and spread the wasabi & mayonnaise in the middle. Now time to roll the bread, start from the end side, makes sure roll it evenly, so you will get the round sushi. Then use the sharp knife cut into pieces, and arrange on the plate. That’s it. Enjoy lunch.

Thank you.

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