Introduction: Seamless Adjustable Guitar Wall Mount

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This is a super easy way to seamlessly hang a guitar on the wall that can also be adjustable. I wanted to hang my guitar on the wall but didn't really want to buy the same old mount that hangs it from the neck. Then one day I found out about a type of bracket that is used to attach sectional sofas together. I realized it would be a great looking easy way to hang a guitar. I realized how great of an idea it was and could not find anything even similar online so I decided to make my own instructable. Well I looked for one but right before paying $15 to order one I found this bracket laying around. It works even better and makes it to where the angle of the guitar can be adjusted.

Step 1: Mounting

I didn't think about making instructions for this until I was done but it is extremely easy and probably took me less than 5 min. I found out that the bracket lines up almost perfectly with the plate on the back of the guitar with only slight modification. So this even attaches to the guitar without any permanent modification to the guitar at all. I took out the two bottom screws of the plate and added the bracket on top, then found a stud in the wall, put in a screw and I was done. The bracket does not get in the way of playing and the guitar can easily be hung up or taken down and adjusted to multiple angles. I also added two small bumpers on the bottom back of the guitar to protect it and the wall. I hope you enjoyed this, and happy playing.

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