Introduction: Search & Find Jar

This fun DIY activity will be sure to entertain any child (or adult)! Easy to make and fun to use, search and find jars provide an opportunity for anyone, regardless of skill level, to have some fun!


  • Clear mason jar or clear plastic bottle (I use plastic to avoid breakage.)
  • Rice, beans, or small beads (jar filling)
  • Various small toys and any other household items that will fit in the jars opening


  • paperclip
  • toothpick
  • bead
  • eraser
  • twist tie
  • marble
  • key
  • thumb tack
  • coin
  • button
  • safety pin
  • cotton ball

Step 1: Fill the Jar

Carefully pour or use a funnel to add a layer of rice to the bottom of the jar. Do NOT fill completely.

Step 2: Add Objects

After adding a layer of rice, add a few objects to the jar.

Continue to add rice (or other filling), being sure to simultaneously add objects to ensure a good mix.

Step 3: Cap the Jar

After filling the jar, time to secure the lid.

IMPORTANT Note: Do NOT fill the jar to the tippy top with filling. I leave about 1 inch empty headspace to allow for movement of objects in the jar when searching.

It is recommended to secure the lid with super glue or hot glue. This will ensure the contents are not spilled out when searching.

Step 4: Create an Object List

Fasten an object list to the jar using a twist-tie or yarn. This is the "treasure hunt" list of all objects the jar contains.

Step 5: Search...and Find!

Now it's time to let the fun begin! Twist, turn, and shake the jar to find those objects.

Game ideas:

  • Race friends by timing each other to see who can find the entire list the fastest.
  • Set a stopwatch for 2 minutes and see how many items you can find.
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