Introduction: Second Life for Your Old Dining Table


I have an old dining table that has served faithfully for a long time.

Step 1:

The table was stored in the garage and periodically used for various repairs. Now I have moved into a new apartment and took this table for temporary use. But nothing is more permanent than temporary. The table is still sturdy, only the exterior is worn. So I decided to remake it and breathe new life into it.

At the hardware store I bought:

- Pine furniture Board (120*60 cm)

- 4 balusters

- White glossy enamel

- Brush

- Sandpaper

- Linseed oil

Step 2:

First dismantled the table.

Step 3:

I decided to replace the table top and legs. Frame with fasteners still in good condition. Just need to clean up the old paint and repaint.

Step 4:

The next step is the manufacture of legs. As legs I will use balusters. Took 4 pieces and cut off the excess.

Step 5:

Now you need to drill holes for fasteners. I use bolts on 8 mm.

Step 6:

Then you need to prepare the balusters for painting. To do this, I used sandpaper with grain 180 and 320.

Step 7:

I take white, glossy enamel. I will use enamel for radiators. It is quick-drying, resistant to damage, does not turn yellow and almost has no smell. Paint applied with a brush.

Step 8:

Applied in 2 layers. After drying, it became a beautiful glossy surface.

Step 9:

The legs are painted not completely. I thought it would look great with unpainted bases.

Step 10:

I also painted the fastener legs.

Step 11:

Now I start processing the countertop. Sanded it with sandpaper. It wasn't perfect. There were many cracks and holes. But they can be easily repaired. To do this, collected dust after treatment with sandpaper and mixed it with PVA glue. I got a simple putty on wood.

Step 12:

I aply putty, wait until it dries and clean with sandpaper.

Step 13:

Clean the surface from dust and apply oil. Covered with oil in 2 layers.

Step 14:

After everything is dry, you can proceed to the final аssembly.

Step 15:

my table is ready !

Step 16:

I'm satisfied with the result. The table became more practical. I increased the size of the countertop and now it fits 6 people instead of 4.

So, with this simple way you can update your old furniture and it will serve you faithfully for many years ;)

Step 17: