Introduction: Secret Clock Compartment

This is my first instructable ever and I'm planning on entering into the secret compartment contest. Suggestions much appreciated.
Have you ever wanted to hide small things like keys and coins somewhere they wouldn't be easily found? If so this is the project for you.

Step 1: What You Need

A clock (broken or just out of service for now) and about 3 minutes

Step 2: Open It Up

Open up the battery compartment and remove the batteries if still there.

Step 3: Clean It Up

Clean out any batterie acid that could have accumulated from sitting around.

Step 4: Put in Your Stuff

Put things like keys and coins or folded up money inside the compartment, anything you want to save that fits.

Step 5: Close It Up

Close up the compartment with the battery cover.

Step 6: Hang It Up

Put it up on the wall and nobody will ever think to look.
Thank you and please feel free to comment I love suggestions.

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