Secret Compartment Bottle

Introduction: Secret Compartment Bottle

Hi everyone,

I made a secret compartment in a bottle.


You could add some liquid on the top and the bottom to look like it is a drink.


1. Bottle

2. Bottle Wraping

3. Knife

4. Tape or Hot glue

5. A little cup with a cap

Step 1: Top Half

First, you will need to take the bottle wrapping off. Use a knife to cut the top part of the bottle shown in the picture. Then take the little cup's cap and tape of hot glue it to the bottle.

Step 2: Bottom Half

Then, put the little cup almost at the bottom of the bottom half of the bottle and tape it there.

Step 3:

Then put the bottle wrapping on the bottle. And you can always take the top of and put anything in there!

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