Introduction: Secret Compartment Desktop Organizer

Materials needed:

Any wood can be used, but why not a nice oak or other hardwood.

The 12" length can be changed to suit your needs as long as the boards are the same length..

Front board 12" x 3"

Center board 12" x 4"

Back Board 12" x 5"

Side Board 12" x 4"

Back Trim 12" piece of moulding

Bottom board (2 needed) 12" by 4"

1/4" dowel cut to size


This can be built with very basic tools, but a table saw or miter box would come in handy.

Step 1: Youtube Video Available

My instructions are brief, as this can be made in any size to fit your needs.

If you need more info I have a video on the build available at

Step 2: Cut Side Board in Half

Cutting side board on angle in center will give you 2 Identical side boards

Step 3: Assembly of Basic Unit

Glue front, center, back and bottom to 2 sides as shown.

Leave a space for the secret compartment below.

Step 4: Build Secret Compartment

Unit should look like this. Note space underneath.

With second bottom board and some scrap, begin secret compartment.

I used PVC for the sides, but wood could have been used.

I added a botttom for the tray, but this is optional.

Step 5: Dowels to Hold Tray and Finishing Touches

Drill sides and tray to accept dowels on each side. These will keep secret tray in place.

Add felt to bottom if you like, and any decorative touches.

A coat of your favorite finish and you are done!

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