Introduction: Pocket Size Artist Paint Kit

Makes a nice gift for an Artist or to treat and inspire yourself.

Put it your pocket and you are ready to paint a masterpiece anytime.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1- A cassette tape box. I used the soft kind, its more rugged and waterproof.

2- Water bottle caps. Make sure they match. Sizes vary.

3- A scrap of thin plywood or cardboard cut to size for a tray. I got free plywood from a farmers market vege box.

4- Art supplies. Paint, brushes, paper.

Step 2: Fill the Caps With Liquid Watercolor Paint. Let Them Dry.

Step 3: Glue Paint Caps to Wood Tray

Step 4: Cut Brush to Fit

Step 5: Put It All Together

Step 6: Finishing

You can add a string or ribbon to make tray removal easier.

If you used a soft plastic cassette box, it doubles as a paint and water mixing pan.

Other than that you are done. Happy painting

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