Introduction: Secret Compartment

I'm this project I will show you how to make a secret compartment to hide your valuables or anything you may want no one to know about in plain sight.

Step 1: Materials

• Two Xbox cases •Hot glue gun w/ hot glue • Scissors • X acto knife • A place to put the two discs (optional)

Step 2: Gut the Xbox Cases

You'll need to take out everything in the Xbox cases because we'll need them empty for when we cut them.

Step 3: Cut Out the Disc Holder

For this step you'll need to cut out the disc holders. You'll need to cut one on the bottom of the first case, and the top of the second one.

Step 4: Cut Out the Cover

Now you'll need to grab your knife ( I'm using a folding knife but it'd work better with an x acto ) and cut out the case outlining the hole you just cut in the case. Do this with both cases .

Step 5: Glue Them Together

Now line up the holes and hot glue them together, you'll have to let it dry for a bit. If you want it to be even better, put some pressure on top of the cases while they're drying.

Step 6: Hide It

Once it's dried, put your secret item in it and hide it . I put it with all my other games and put some other games on top of it so it's camouflaged in plain sight. Enjoy !