Introduction: Secret Hip Flask

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I love nothing better to go and watch a football game. In my neck of the woods we play Australian Rules Football and it’s a bit of a national obsession. The game is played in winter and it can get rather chilly sitting out in the cold.

To help warm my bones I like nothing better than to take a hip flask of whiskey with me. The problem is though, the powers that be don’t look fondly on people bringing in their own, personal heart warmer and would rather you spend up big and buy it from the bar.

There’s also a big chance that if you do try and bring in a hip flask it will get found as they check you and your bags before you enter. To get around these kill joys, I have come up with a way to sneak whiskey (or whatever your poison) into any event without ever being caught. The great thing is, you can you're very own secret hip flask from junk.

You can thank me later

I also did a bit of a video so check that out if you can’t be shagged reading the ‘ible.

Step 1: Parts

You only need 2 parts for this project and you should be able to get them for free out the bin


1. An empty deodorant can. You need one that has a removable top to reveal the nozzle

2. An empty 1.25L soft drink bottle (or any soft drink bottle with a screw lid)


1. Glue - a water resistant one such as Loctite Go2 Gel Adhesive

2. Dremel (or a saw)

3. Sander (not necessary but handy)

4. Files

5. Pliers

6. Wire cutters

Step 2: Drilling a Hole Into the Deodorant Can


1. The first thing to do is to remove the lid from the spray nozzle. Just give it a pull and it should pull off. Keep this, as it will act as a cover later to hide the spout and lid.

2. Now it’s time to drill out the spray nozzle. First cut the nozzle flush with the top of the can and then with a small drill bit, drill the nozzle until you go through the can

3. Use a larger drill bit and make the hole larger

Step 3: Removing the Metal Seal in the Top of the Can


1. With a pair of wire cutters, carefully start to lift up the metal rim that sits around the edge of the top of the can

2. Keep on moving around the rim and lifting the metal edge up. As you start to lift, you will see a small gasket. Don’t worry about this, just keep going around lifting the lip on the rim

3. Once you have the rim away from the top of the can, you can then grab a pair of pliers and start to pull the metal away from the can. Keep on pulling until it pops out.

4. Now you have a can which has a smooth opening at the top

5. The next thing to do is to give the can a good clean

Step 4: Cleaning the Inside of the Can

The inside of the can will have residue from the deodorant so you’ll need to give it a really good clean.


1. Use some hot soapy water and rinse out the can. If you feel the inside of the can there’s like an oily film which needs to be removed

2. Use a toothbrush or bottle cleaner and with some hot, soapy water, start to clean the inside

3. You’ll need to do this several time to remove all traces of the deodorant inside the can.

4. Leave to sit for 24 hours in some water and repeat the process.

5. There’s probably a better way to remove the residue (maybe a grease solvent…) if you find one let me know

Step 5: Hacking the Soft Drink Bottle


1. First, cut the top off the bottle. I used a dremel for this but you could use a saw, or even a serrated knife

2. Next, you need to remove the excess plastic around the part that you just cut off. The only thing you want left is a small bit of the neck of the bottle and the screw top section. To remove the excess plastic I used a belt sander. You could do this with a normal sander, knife, or file

3. Now if you try and fit the neck of the bottle top into the top of the deodorant can, you’ll find that the bottle top is slightly too big. You have to thin out the plastic around the neck of the bottle top before it will fit inside.

4. Use a dremel (or a file), with a drum sander and remove some of the plastic. Try to remove any melted plastic as it appears as it can get in the way.

5. Push the bottle neck into the top of the deodorant can and if it fits, then you’re ready to glue it together.

Step 6: Gluing


1. You should look for a glue that is water resistant when glutting the top into the deodorant can. I used Loctite Go2 Gel Adhesive, which seemed to do the trick and stop any leaks.

2. Add some glue around the bottom of the top and push it into the top of the can.

3. Leave to dry for a few hours

4. Give it another few washes. You want to make sure that no glue or deodorant residue is hanging around.

5. Now, grab the top of the deodorant. With the one I used there is a piece of plastic inside which is used to spray the deodorant. Take this out.

6. Cut off the nozzle section and place it back into the top. If necessary, glue into place. I didn’t have to as it locked into place.

7. Push the lid back onto the top of the can.


Step 7: Fill It Up With Your Favourite Beverage

Now you have finished your free, secret hip flask, it’s time to test it out.


1. Take off the top of the deodorant

2. Un-screw the cap

3. Fill it up with whatever your favourite beverage is and put the cap back on

4. Push the top back into place

Congrats. You can now enjoy your favourite drink anywhere. It even sounds like a deodorant can when you shake it!

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