Secret Minecraft Door

Introduction: Secret Minecraft Door

Hello, I'm am going to teach you how to build a cool Minecraft hidden door.


When the cauldron is filled it activates the comparator which will only put out one Redstone signal, so the repeater makes it stronger. Then the Redstone torch flips the signal so it is on when it is off and off when it is on.

Last the sticky piston should be on so the door is closed then when the water is put in the cauldron it opens it. For more info build it then you can look at it and see.

Step 1:


  • stone {The stone is only the front wall and can be replaced with anything.}
  • 1 caldron
  • 1 comparator
  • 1 repeater
  • 4 of any block
  • 1 Redstone torch
  • 4 Redstone
  • 2 sticky piston
  • 1 water

Step 2:

Start with putting your caldron next to your wall

Step 3:

Now place your comparator behind the wall. Make sure the two prongs are facing the wall.

Step 4:

Now place your Redstone repeater right next to the comparator. Make sure that the arrow is facing the way that the comparator's is.

Step 5:

Now place a block, and a Redstone torch on that block. Make sure that it is on the block that you placed.

Step 6:

Now place the Redstone like in the picture.

Step 7:

Last place your pitons. they should turn on when you place them.

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3 years ago

Is there any easier way to get the door closed I am quite experienced with redstone but im just interested if u guys have any ways I haven't thought of yet


Question 4 years ago on Step 7

do you have to use a cauldron, or can I use like, a jukebox


Tip 4 years ago on Step 7

Instead of a repeater coming out of the comparator, put a redstone dust, then a observer block observing it with a horizontal sticky piston with a redstone block attached to the sticky side. Attach a redstone line from the redstone block to the door. If you built it right, instead of the door being opened when the cauldron has water, and closed when empty, this will let it toggle open and closed whenever the water level changes. You can also put colored leather armor in a cauldron with water to lower the water level slightly.


4 years ago

So great! Thanks for sharing!