Introduction: Secret Storage With Magnetic Hiden Key

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Storing valuable objects really must be safe, apart from worrying about someone stealing, sometimes we forget to save, now let's make a secret storage place that thieves won't know and a unique key so we will not miss to keep our precious things in the storage, you will see a display shelf, which is actually a secret storage place and it needs a hidden key to open, can you find the hiding place or even you can't find the key.


Step 1: Pattern and Cutting

This step You need :

  • 3mm playwood
  • Pencil
  • Rulel
  • Cutter

Draw the pattern on the 3mm playwood with the size as in the picture,You can change the size if you want bigger or smaller, cut all patterns make sure everything is cut precisely.


Step 2: Make Box Base

This step you need :

  • playwood pattern A-C-D-E (look to the pattern picture)
  • super glue

Simple steps, we just connect Pattern A with patterns C-D and E using super glue, you can see the steps from the picture. first paste Pattern C to the wide side of pattern A then glue it, secondly attach pattern D to the other wide side of pattern A, Finally, in this step, paste the E pattern to the long side of the A pattern.

Step 3: Make Slide Box

This Step you need :

  • result step 2
  • playwood pattern F- I
  • plastic tube
  • long screw
  • super glue

Prepare the pattern F and I, Paste them both like in the picture, and try to fit them into the base box that we made earlier, take a plastic tube and make a mark on the slide part that we made then drill it with a drill, the hole is on the right side of the slide see picture for where the tube hole is made, if has been perforated, install the tube and fix it using glue.

Now switch to the base box part, make a hole with a small screwdriver to attach the screw to the tube part slide hole, try pairing the part slide to the par base with a long screw, try to move it in and out, the last stage in this step we need a small piece of playwood 3cmx0.6cm and install it on the left part of the base as a part of the slide door block add glue.

Step 4: Make a Magnetic Lock

This step you need :

  • pieces of playwood
  • cutter
  • 2 pieces magnet
  • glue

Cut 2cmx 4cm of playwood, make a rectangular hole with a size of 1.5cm x 0.8cm, paste it on the left side of the slide door, look at the picture for more details.cut again 1cmx4cm of playwood and attach a magnet with super glue in the middle and try to attach it to the par we previously made. To keep the magnetic lock in place, we make a key holder bracket from small pieces of playwood, cut as shown so that the key slide can slide in and out easily.

Prepare pattern G-H , on Patter G you need cut on the one sida like a picture for braket slide magnetic lock, we need to make a slight bend in this G pattern so that it bends a bit to follow the sliding door, paste with super glue, continue by installing the H pattern continue from the installation of the G pattern.

Step 5: Install Spring Door

This step you need :

  • long screw
  • spring

Take pattern B and make a small hole in the hinge of the slide door, it is the same as the hole in part A, then try to install it with long screws, but don't fix it first because before installing this part on the wall it needs to be opened. if you feel the slide door can open and close with all parts installed, now remove pattern B again because we will install a spring on the inside to push the slide door after the lock is open, Install the spring behind the base box and place it where the spring pushes the slide door so that it can be easily opened later, look at the picture for more details.

Step 6: Magnetic Key Lock and Installation

This step you need :

  • wall screw
  • srew driver
  • vinil sticker
  • glue
  • cutter
  • magnet

Last step for this Instructables, we will make, mounting on the wall, we need to make a hole in the back of the base box, make 2 screw holes and attach it to the wall where we will install this shelf.

Already installed firmly, it's time for us to permanently install the top cover of this shelf, make sure everything works as it should, if there are no problems then glue the lid with super glue.for the better .we will coat the shelves that we made with wood patterned vinyl stickers, you can choose other motifs that you like

so that it looks natural, keep the displays on the shelf,

Wait a minute, how do we open the door...??? Don't worry the key is in one of the displays above. Well, for the key, you can attach a magnet for the door lock maker on one of the displays stored on this shelf.

Finish , now you are safe...



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