Introduction: Secret Tampon Compartment

An easy way to hide your money, with supplies you’ll most likely have around the house!


You will need:

- a tampon (in a size super or super plus)

- velcro or magnets

- scissors (optional)

- money

Step 1: Take It Out of the Wrapper

When opening the wrapper, be careful not to rip it. This is crucial for the last couple of steps.

Step 2: Remove the Tampon

Just take it out and set it aside, you won’t be using it for this project.

Step 3: Attach Velcro or Magnets

The velcro I used had a sticky back so I didn’t have to glue it. If yours doesn’t then use glue to attach it. Attach this to both sides near the top of the wrapper

Step 4: Unattach the Two Parts of the Applicator

Take off the bottom part so you can store your money in there

Step 5: Hiding Your Money

Fold your money and place inside the wider part.

Step 6: Reassemble

Put the two parts back together

Step 7: Final Step

Place back in the wrapper. You now have safely hidden money! To remove money just push the bottom part until the money slides out.

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