Introduction: Secret Spy Glass Mirror

This project allows you to look behind you secretively BUT it also lets you see forward as well, so if you want to develop this simple project you can have two mirrors and stick them on an old pair of glasses to create spy glasses

What you'll need is:
a small mirror (maybe from an old, unused compact mirror)
and something to scratch the back off with (I used a penny)

Step 1: Find a Small Mirror

Find a small mirror mine was from an old compact mirror

Step 2: Scratch the Back Off

Next scratch a small rectangle or circle off of the back make it about the size of your pupil, i used a penny

Step 3: Done!

Now you can secretly look behind you and no one will notice :P this is a good project if you are wanting to teach somebody about how lights works and how it reflects from the mirror into your eye, and that the angle of the mirror has to be correct to be able to see through it

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