Introduction: See Thru Pallet Birdhouse

This is a See Thru Birdhouse I made with up-cycled pallets and an old CD case. After completion, you'll have a sweet birdhouse that will let you see the activity inside!

I built this birdhouse without glue, because I read it can take up to a year for birds to move in due to the smell, and I just didn't want to wait that long!

Here's what you'll need:

-pallet planks
-hole saw kit

Step 1: Make Your Window

Remove the cover from an old CD case. CAREFULLY bend the edges forward. There will be a quick SNAP, and hopefully you'll have a clean break (It took me two tries). Sand down edges if necessary.

Next, use a drill to make a small hole in each corner.

Step 2: Cut the Planks

I used some pallet planks for the birdhouse construction. The plank I used was 6" wide, and about a 1/2" thick. Using a ruler, I marked the plank at 5", 10", 15", and 20". This gave me four 6" X 5" pieces for the walls. I then measured and cut the front panel of the house so that it would fit snugly inside the interior of the walls when put together. It measured 4.5" squared.

Step 3: Cut Out the Entrance

I will be making the hole 1.5" wide (Suitable for small birds).

Mark the center point of two adjacent sides of the 4.5" squared piece. Draw a horizontal line between the two points. Make a vertical line from corner to corner, making a cross. Measure 1.5" down from the horizontal line, and make a second horizontal line. Finally, make two more vertical lines 3/4" from the center vertical line.

You should now have a box drawn. Find the center of the box by making an X from corner to corner. [X]

You now have the center point for your bird entrance. Use a drill and 1.5" hole saw to cut the hole out.

Skip the hassle and eyeball it!

Step 4: Add a Perch

This is optional.

Drill a small hole under the entrance. Find a small piece of scrap wood that is slightly larger that the hole (the piece I used had splintered off from the plank). Using a small knife, whittle the perch so that it fits snugly into the hole, and cut off the excess.

With the excess piece of wood, make a small wedge shape. Cut the end of your perch so that it can accommodate the wedge.

Insert the perch into the hole. From the opposite side, firmly insert the wedge into the cut. Cut off the excess.

Now we have a super snug fit without need for any glue!

Step 5: Hammer Time!

Assemble the walls around the entrance so that the birdhouse is 6" deep. Nail the wood together (4-5 nails per side) in an overlapping pattern so that it fits around the entrance properly. Next, secure the plastic window on the backside.

At the last minute I decided to add a roof. I cut a few pieces of pallet wood, making one 1/2 inch shorter then the other so that the roof would be symmetrical when put together. Nail on the roof with the longer piece overlapping the shorter one (see pictures).

Finally, I added an eye hook to the roof, bending it upward so the birdhouse can be hung.

Step 6: Hang Out and Wait

Hang the birdhouse in front of a window. When the new tenants arrive, you'll be able to check in on them whenever you want!

I'll update with photos when they move in. Until then, keep building!

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