Introduction: Self Grading Quiz With Google Docs

If you like to give your students quizzes, but you only have a little time to grade it. then you have to say goodbye to your old fashioned in effective paper works, and say hello to self grading quiz.
 Lets Create your own self grading Quiz  within 20 minutes

the preparation : 

1. Google Accounts
2. Question and Answer list
3. Internet Connection
4. Patience (if you have a slow internet connection) ^.^

Step 1: Logging in to Your Google Account

open your browsers and type .
first think first before you can create any form or using Google docs you have to log in first.
after you log on into your account you'll find your self inside Google docs.


to continue to the next step just click on create and choose from template.

Step 2: Choose the Template

Type "Self grading" key words on search template bar. then choose one of the template that most suitable for your quiz.

Step 3: Customize Templates

to customize the outlook of your quiz click on the theme, then choose the most suitable theme (when you choose the template it will lead you to the preview page).
Click apply on the top left corner if you wish to continue with this template or cancel if you wish to choose other template.

when you done with this step prepare your question list for the next step.

Step 4: Customize Your Quiz

let's customize your form.
your form will start with First name, Last name, and Period/Class. make sure you don't delete any of this field because it will affect the scoring later.

to create your question click on the question list then on the pencil icon then add your question and choose the question type (to use this self grading sheet to the fullest use multiplication question).

repeat this step until you've finished all your question list.

Step 5: Design Feed Back Answer

when you've finished with your question click on the more actions and choose edit confirmation.

then edit the confirmation notes.

Step 6: Add the Answer Key.

when you done with creating question and edit confirmation now is the time to add the answer key.

to add the answer key click on see responses then choose spreadsheet.
then you'll find your self in spreadsheet form. add the answer in the row below the question row. and add the score for that question below the answer row.

when your students answer your quiz it their answer will be recorded automatically. to view their score just check the score sheet.

now lets proceed to the last step.

Step 7: Send Your Quiz

here is the last step of this instructables.

before your students could answer your quiz you have to send it to them first. 

to send your quiz click on form  and choose send quiz, then choose your students email.
if you have a due dates for your quiz you may unchecked accepting responses when the due dates has pass.

i hope this instructables could save our time so we could work on our lessons plan ^.^  

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