Introduction: Self Improvisation Music for Lip and Eardrums

created by Otomo_Yoshihide

performed by Zhiping Bian

Step 1: Make Your Voice

Close your mouth.

Then make your mouth sharp like kiss.

Try to make sound by inbreath with your mouth close.

* You can make various types of sound with your lip movement.

* It may be an Etude for the future Ensembles...

Step 2: Make Your Ambient

You can choose A or B type or BOTH (left A right B).

TYPE A Noise Ambient

You just covered your ears by crumpled paper with 2 hands. Then move your 10 fingers as much as you can.


TYPE B Low bass Ambient

You just covered your ears by 2 hands. Press hard as much as you can.

Step 3: Start Make Music Mix Step 1 and 2

Choose your Ambient A or B or Both(Step 2).

Then start lip Sound (Step 1).

p.s: DURATION and STRUCTURE decided on you.

Step 4: Caution

*Don't do it in public. Because other people can not hear it ,(They may think you are weird.)

*Don't do too much . Otherwise you will be deficient in oxygen.

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