Introduction: Self-Watering Terrarium

I have always had trouble looking after plants. I would always forget to water them, and they would die then I found the self-watering terrarium. I wouldn't have to look after my plants all the time because it would water itself. its also cheep! These are the materials you will need

1. a mason jar, glass container, plastic bottle etc.

2. soil/dirt



5.plants of your choosing

6.wood, rocks, any decorations you want to add

Step 1: Find Pebbles

You are going to have to add pebbles so your terrarium dose not flood and grow mold.

Step 2: Find Sand

For the same reason as the pebbles you will need to add sand so your terrarium has good drainage and does not end up a plant grave yard!

Step 3: Find Dirt/soil

Plants are going to need to have to have soil to survive and will help with drainage like the sand and pebbles.

Step 4: Find Plants

Now you will need to find plants you like and that suite you. I like to find small plants from my yard.

Step 5: Container

This is the most important because with out a container, you wont have any were to put the plants. Make sure you have a container with a lid or this project will not work.

Step 6: Add Pebbles

Its time to start working on the drainage for the terrarium. Add the pebbles first.

Step 7: Add Sand

Again, you're going to have to add sand for the drainage.

Step 8: Add Soil/dirt

Now you will add soil so the plants can live and thrive.

Step 9: Adding Plants and Decorations

Now you get to add plants and other little things like rocks to the terrarium. If you want to add moss or air plants to the terrarium, then tie them to a stick or peace of bark, and it will grow onto it.

Step 10: Water

Finally you will add a few drops of water around the plant and seal the lid tight. Condensation will add up at the top and fall down watering the plants.

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